Breath Of Fresh Air

Here we find our beloved milf taking a few minutes out of her day for some fresh air. The view of the ocean is pale compared to Sandy!

On The Streets Again

Took a ride up to the new Urbanisation near where I live to check it out. All looks OK. Great place to let yourself go and have some fun and I am sure the dog walkers enjoyed the view as well and so will you. VISIT SANDY HERE

At The Rock Garden

This rock garden is one of my favorite places to relax and get back to nature. It is also one of my favorite places to do a photo shoot in my latest lingerie. VISIT SANDY HERE

Fun Time in The Boudoir

In the bedroom this week and it is only fair I share my time in the boudoir with my favorite little bunny and we certainly have some fun together. VISIT SANDY HERE

Seeing The Sites

Sightseeing by some historic windmills overlooking the town this week it was quite amusing as two walkers passed by as I was sitting on the wall in my underwear. They looked, gave a thumbs up and walked on at which we had a really good laugh. VISIT SANDY HERE